Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Compact, Ergonomic Design Is Simple To Use; Ideal For Clubs Or Individuals

Compact, lightweight unit fits in the palm of your hand; provides highly accurate timer functions designed to make you a better, faster shooter. One of the very best choices for Club shoots because it is so simple and accurate to use. The rugged, impact resistant case is ergonomically designed to be easy to carry or the stainless steel clip will securely hold the unit onto your belt for individual practice sessions. The large, can’t miss GO button can be set for either Delay or Instant operation. Delay Mode allows a delay from .01 second up to 99.99 second before the extra loud buzzer rings. In Instant Mode the Go button is pressed and held on the “Are You Ready?” command and the buzzer will sound instantly when the GO button is released. All critical shot information is shown on the digital, easy-to-read display, which can be set quickly to function in one of three different modes. Timer Mode: Displays the number of shots and time between shots, from first to last. Review Mode: Shows incremental times from the first to the last shot fired. Set Mode: Used to switch between Delay and Instant and enter or clear a PAR time. Uses a single, 9-volt battery (included), with auto power down after 15 minutes.

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SPECS: Plastic housing , black. 3¾" (9.5cm) wide, 4¾" (12 cm) high, 1-3⁄8" (3.4cm) thick. Weighs 8 ounces (226g). Includes complete instructions.
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Color: Black

Style: Timer