Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An OWB Holster Complete With the Adjustments You've Been Asking For

Once again, PHLster is breaking ground by making a holster that's exactly what you've been asking for. Traditionally, it's IWB holsters that have all the built-in adjustments designed to make daily carry more comfortable. Now, you can have that same versatility in an OWB design, thanks to the PHLster Summit Holster.

All of the lessons learned from PHLster's extensive experience in the holster-building world have been incorporated into this groundbreaking design. The ambidextrous PHLster Summit OWB Holster is completely ambidextrous and features an adjustable cant angle, as well as an incline wedge that gives you the ability to increase or decrease the amount of grip rotation. This, in effect, makes this OWB holster an option you can use for concealment with the right cover garment. It also makes it easier for the holstered firearm to clear body armor.

Each PHLster Summit OWB Holster is built with belt loops designed for 1.5-inch belts, and the loops themselves are constructed with a strong, lightweight composite that have enough built-in flexibility to bend to your waist while providing solid support to your holster.


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