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A Dedicated AIWB Holster for Your Revolver

The J-Frame Smith & Wesson has been a dedicated defensive tool for decades, and many still count on one for personal defense. However, there are some drawbacks to the design. If you've ever tried reloading a J-Frame revolver one-handed, you understand what kind of difficulty you run into. The team at PHLster found the same issues, and they decided to build a solution into its City Special AIWB Holster, which does more than provide a comfortable rig for all-day carry.

Thanks to the raised cylinder walls found on the PHLster City Special AIWB Holster, you can take an empty J-Frame revolver and stick the open cylinder into the mouth of the holster, which holds the gun steadily and presents the open cylinder, which is ready for reloading from a speedloader or a speed strip. This provides an option for those who count on J-Frames for defensive use and want to be prepared for the possibility that they might have to reload their five-shot revolver.

The PHLster City Special AIWB Holster, introduced originally in 2013, has now become a full product line at the company. A rounded, enlarged muzzle area increases comfort during all-day carry, and the design has expanded to accommodate a variety of revolvers, as well as Crimson Trace grip lasers. The holster is completely ambidextrous and comes equipped with the company's TuckStrut feature, which rotates the grip inward toward the body to reduce printing. The holster is also adjustable for ride height.

PHLSTER - City Special Revolver Holsters

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Hand: Ambidextrous

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