Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A well kept gun display suggests well kept guns along with expert knowledge, friendly staff and attention to detail.  Without a doubt a display with Gun Cradles will leave a great first impression and speak volumes to the quality of your gun shop.  Benefits like easier retrieval and return to stand will make your job as a salesman easier too.

Give yourself piece of mind in knowing that your guns are properly displayed against the wall with Slatwall Gun Cradles.  Unlike regular slatwall hooks, Slatwall Gun Cradles were designed to curl up around the gun for proper support.  The thick, vinyl coating provides a safe, no scratch surface for guns.


  • Appealing display of long guns.
  • Guns are supported against the wall by cradled hook shape.
  • Bottom hook can support price tags with a hole punch.


  • For use on slat wall or peg board wall displays.
  • Vinyl coated steel wire.
  • Compatible with Label Holding Snaps for price tags.
  • Decorative curl at top of hook.

SPECS: Size: 2 ¼” hook opening; 1 ¼” at widest point, Color: Black.

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Color: Black

Material: Steel

Quantity: 10

Style: Rifle Rack, Safety Glasses