Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Provides an Easy, Lightweight Light and Laser Option

The SureFire XC2 Ultra-Compact LED Pistol Light is one of the easiest, tiniest and lightest light and laser options on the market, designed to give handgun owners an effective illumination and instant-aim option for their defensive-pistol platforms.

The SureFire XC2 Ultra-Compact LED Pistol Light uses the company's trademarked MaxVision Beam, which is designed to allow for close-range identification of threats using a wide-reaching area light. The unit also incorporates a 635nm red laser for immediate aiming ability.

  • Max output of 300 lumens
  • Powered by one commonly available AAA battery
  • Total weight of 2.1 ounces
  • Measures only 2.375 inches long

The SureFire XC2 Ultra-Compact LED Pistol Light is also designed to withstand punishment, featuring a high-strength aluminum body with a military-grade anodized finish, as well as waterproof gasket seals.

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Lumens: 300

Battery: CR-123A

Style: Gun Mounted