Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Instant Transition From Handheld To Weapon-Mounted Illumination. Detachable light with modular mounting system is powerful enough to be your primary handheld light, compact enough to mount on a pistol, and transitions almost instantly to provide light where you need it, when you need it. Fits most pistol accessory rails, plus Picatinny-type rails on rifles and shotguns. No additional hardware or tools required. Simply slide the RLS mount over the rail, then rotate the light to the left or right, depending on the side of the gun you want it on, until the locking tab clicks into the rail groove. The light unit detaches easily from the mount for quick transition to handheld use. Belt clip on the light lets you carry the light alone or the light plus the mount on your belt—no need for a special holster. The light’s Prism Reflector System focuses and projects the intense 65 lumen LED output up to 350 feet in an even pattern free of dark spots or shadows. Uses three inexpensive, easy-to-find AAA batteries; 50 hours battery life. Sealed push-button switch on the end cap has momentary and steady-on modes. When the light is mounted on a gun, the switch is positioned for easy activation by the thumb of the support hand in a two-handed stance. The RLS Mount is also available separately and accommodates most compact hand-held flashlights .970" (24.6mm) to 1.060" (26.9mm) in diameter.


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Finish: Black

Style: Mount