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An Easy Enhancement Designed to Help You Activate Your Weaponlight

How can you get your weaponlight into action faster and more easily? Simple! All you have to do is attach these specially developed PHLster ARC Enhanced weapon-mounted light switches. This kit includes three pairs of switches, sized in Large, XL and XL Blank, giving you the opportunity to customize your weaponlight for improved capability.

The PHLster ARC Enhanced WML Switch Kit provides Large and XL switches with aggressive texturing that's designed to be more responsive with wet hands or when you're wearing gloves. A separate XL Blank pair of switches gives you the opportunity to create your own texture pattern that fits your needs. You can even mix and match the switches to create your own ideal activation setup.

No permanent modifications are needed to make use of these PHLster ARC Enhanced WML switches. All you have to do is remove the original caps with a small screwdriver or a pair of pliers and then press the new switch onto the armature bar. The only thing you have to stay tuned to is that the switches are designed for left- or right-hand use. These ARC switches will fit all of SureFire's popular weaponlights.


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