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Body Armor for Your Phone With the "Magpul Look"

Magpul’s Field Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 protects your smartphone from the bumps, knocks, scrapes, and occasional drops of daily life. Molded from an extremely durable flexible thermoplastic polymer, the Magpul Field Case fits securely on your Samsung Galaxy S8 with no unnecessary flex or give, while preserving full access to the charging port, camera lens, and buttons. A raised lip around the front of the Field Case prevents surface scratches to the screen if the phone is laid face down.

  • Fits standard Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Adds minimal bulk to the phone
  • Snaps-on for easy installation/removal
  • Rounded edges & corners prevent snags when inserting/removing from pocket

Like all Magpul smartphone cases, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Field Case has a textured surface with distinctive PMAG®-style ribs that help you maintain a firm grip in any weather conditions. Plus, they give your phone that distinctive "Magpul look," just like your AR-15.

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