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A Compact Earbud Design Loaded With Features

Gone are the days of bulky earmuffs that get in the way of a solid cheek weld on your rifle stock, thanks to the introduction of the Walkers Silencer Bluetooth electronic earbuds. These earbuds can be worn all day comfortably and provide incredible sound reduction, thanks to the company's Sound Activated Compression Technology. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control every aspect of your earbuds straight from your phone!

Each pair of Walkers Silencer Bluetooth earbuds features variable gunshot suppression, along with wind-noise reduction and hi-frequency power boost that all work in conjunction to provide premium sound reduction in a compact package. The integrated lithium battery is completely rechargeable with the included USB charging dock, and three sizes of Sure-Lock fins and foam tips are included. Battery life is four hours, and the earbuds provide 26 decibels of sound reduction.


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Color: Flat Dark Earth

Lens Color: Flat Dark Earth

NRR: 26 dB

Style: Plugs