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A "Behind the Neck" Hearing Protection Device That Keeps Your Focus on Shooting

Sick of having your earbuds get lost or misplaced? The behind-the-neck design of the Walkers Razor XV earbuds provide all-day comfort while also retaining your earbuds when they're removed or tossed in your range bag. Best of all, the zero-interference design ensures you can mount a rifle stock without your hearing protection getting in the way.

Each pair of Walkers Razor XV earbuds features sound-activated compression and Bluetooth connectivity, along with hi-gain omnidirectional headphones that ensure 360-degree sound enhancement to make you aware of events and commands happening in your area. The integrated LIPO battery is completely rechargeable with the included USB charging  cable, and the earbuds also feature a built-in microphone, so you can make phone calls on the go. The earbuds provide 31 decibels of sound reduction.

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Razor XV


No longer deliverable by the Factory

Color: Flat Dark Earth

Lens Color: Flat Dark Earth

NRR: 31 dB

Style: Plugs