Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Top-Quality Set of Electronic Earmuffs From Brownells

Brownells continues to expand its branded options for today's shooters and hunters, and the latest addition to the company's one-stop online shop is its 3.0 Premium Electronic Earmuffs! Designed in partnership with Walker's Game Ear, these electronic muffs are purpose-built to protect your hearing while keeping you alert and engaged.

The Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuffs are based on Walker's Razor Slim muffs, which are constructed with two hi-gain, omnidirectional microphones, along with full dynamic range speakers that channel ambient noise to the shooter. Incoming sound is monitored and compressed to protect the shooter's hearing while also keeping them alert to their surroundings.

Each set of Brownells 3.0 Premium Electronic Earmuffs include an audio-input jack and a comfortable mesh headband that allows for easy wear during a long range day. The unit operates using 2 AA batteries, and two are included. The muffs feature a 23dB sound-reduction rating.


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Color: Green

NRR: 23 dB

Style: Electronic