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Lewis Machine & Tool M203 37mm Launcher – Classic M203 configuration, now available to everyone.

The LMT M203 37mm Launcher features the same design & quality of the classic LMT M203 40mm Grenade Launchers used by militaries across the world.  Introduced to the US Military in 1969, the M203 is still in service with the US Military, and militaries around the world to this day.  Lewis Machine & Tool is one of a select few manufacturers that have supplied the M203 to US forces.  

The 37mm variant installs and is operated just like it’s 40mm brother.  The LMT M203 Launcher features an aluminum construction with a matte black mil-spec anodized finish, just like the 40mm variant.  Features a 12” barrel, making the 37mm variant similar to the most popularly issued M203 variants found on M16 rifles & M4 carbines.   The M203 attaches to standard Government rifle & carbine length barrel assemblies with a 0.625” front barrel profile (cutout on M4 barrels) and a GI compatible barrel nut system at the rear (check your handguard manufacturer’s information for compatibility). Mounting hardware sold separately.

ng Kit w/Leaf Sight

  • Overall Length: 15"
  • Barrel Length: 12"
  • Weight: 3.0 pounds
  • Cartridge: 37mm Flare
  • Action: Single Shot
  • Rate of fire: 5 to 7 round/min
  • Bore: Smooth

The LMT M203 37mm Launcher will not accept a 40mm & features a smooth bore.  This is not an FFL item.

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Finish: Black

Length: 12

Style: Clamp On