Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Folding Grip Featuring an Extendable Bipod

Like the company's original Steady Grip, this Wilcox Para Folding Grip offers a full-size grip option for your support hand, complete with a ribbed polymer sleeve that enhances control and allows you to keep your firearm on-target during rapid strings of fire.

However, what's different about this grip is the inclusion of a specially designed hinge, which allows the grip to fold flat along your Picatinny rail when not in use. This enables the gun to be easily maneuvered, stored or transported without worrying about the grip snagging or sticking out of rifle cases.

The grip is also equipped with a bipod that deploys with a single push of the button.

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Attachment: Picatinny

Color: Black

Folding: Yes

Style: Bipod

Weight: 6.72 oz