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Genuine Colt Internal Parts To Complete A Stripped Lower Receiver

Convenient kit of genuine Colt factory parts includes all the small parts needed to finish a small-pin AR-15 lower receiver, and install the trigger group and pistol grip of your choice. Or, use the kit to rebuild the worn internals of an old rifle and restore it to like-new function and reliability. The single-manufacturer source—the company that developed the original AR-15/M16 platform and built them for the U.S. military—means the kit parts are designed to work together and will require minimal fitting. Also includes an Accu-Wedge, a high-density rubber insert that fills the space behind the takedown pin to prevent unwanted movement between the receiver halves. Helps the rifle shoot tight, consistent groups.

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SPECS: Fits small pin (.154" diameter), mil-spec AR-15 style lower receivers. Not compatible with the .308 platform rifles. Kit contains bolt catch pin, bolt catch plunger, bolt catch spring, buffer retainer, buffer retainer spring, selector lever, selector detent, hammer/trigger pins (.154" O.D.), mag catch, mag release button, mag release button spring, pistol grip lock washer, pistol grip screw, .250" front pivot pin, .250" rear takedown pin, 2 takedown pin detents, 2 takedown pin detent springs, triggerguard, triggerguard pivot pin, bolt catch, ejector/selector spring, and Accu-Wedge. Does not include trigger, hammer, disconnector, or pistol grip.


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