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A Durable Stand Designed to Handle Most Reloading Presses on the Market

Looking to raise your reloading press off a bench for a better view of what's going on with your reloads? Currently, there's only one stand on the market designed to fit most of today's popular reloading presses, and that's the Lyman Universal Press Stand.

The Lyman Universal Press Stand is designed to fit most single-stage, turret and progressive presses on the market, and the stand raises the unit 9.25 inches off the deck of your reloading bench, which saves you from having to hunch over to actuate your press lever. The heightened press also gives reloaders a closer view of what's happening with your reloads, ensuring that they can have a better eye for quality control.

Each Lyman Universal Press Stand is made from steel, providing a solid, heavy base for a good press. Though the pre-drilled holes are arranged to fit most presses on the market, the stand also features a blank area that allows for custom-drilled holes for those who have unique presses.


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