Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The easiest, most convenient bench mounted priming tool ever. Symmetrical lever with just the right amount of mechanical advantage effortlessly seats even the most difficult primers with just finger pressure. The perfect mechanical advantage to fell the primer seating completely home into the primer pocket.

Includes priming assemblies for large and small primers made of a water clear tough polyester material that allows you to monitor the primers passage from the tray to the primer pocket. Change primers size or shellholders in seconds.

Includes the new folding tray - go from box to prmiing in seconds. Tray has a built-in primer flipping feature allowing direct filling from todays large primer boxes.
The tool mounting holes are spaced for the Lee Bench Plate system or can be mountined directly to your workbench uses special, but inexpensive priming tool shell holders, so there's no need to endlessly swap press shell holders to prime.

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