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Mark 7’s new Automated Priming System contains totally new, patent pending technology which provides nearly 100% successful primer orientation for your loading machine.

Hundreds of hours of development and testing have gone into the design of this system, along with the loading of hundreds of thousands of primers to ensure consistent, trouble-free operation.
This completely unique design features an oscillating primer reservoir which effortlessly orients primers and allows continuous primer feeding.

No more stopping your machine to reload primers using clumsy tubes! Simply add more primers into the built-in funnel without interruption to your loading operation. The large hopper can hold 300+ primers and includes a tough polycarbonate shield, which also keeps dust and debris out of the system.

In the unlikely event that an up-side-down primer does make it into the feed ramp, our failsafe sensor will detect it and sound an alarm for manual presses and stop the operation on automated machines.

In addition, change over between small and large size primers is easy to do and all parts are included. Dual optical sensors automatically start/stop the feed system to provide primers as needed. Primers are fed into your machine using a simplified single slot feed disc mechanism for positive, reliable primer positioning.

Works on Apex 10, Apex 10 Autodrive, Evolution, Evolution

Autodrive and Revolution presses. Consumer friendly operation and price, with commercial level performance!

  • Add primers easily without stopping, through the built-in funnel
  • Failsafe sensor detects incorrect primers and stops operation
  • Large Hopper holds 300+ primers
  • Oscillating primer reservoir effortlessly orients primers
  • Single slot feed disc mechanism for positive, reliable primer positioning

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