Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

We feel our NT-4000 Premium Neck Turning Tool is the finest, easiest to adjust, most accurate and comfortable to use hand neck turning tool available. Our Premium Tool employs an eccentric mechanism (not an eccentric mandrel) for quick cut depth adjustments which are accurate to .0001 inch with our carbide mandrels. The click adjustable cutter adjustment knob moves the cutter in either direction in .0002 inch to .00025 inch per click increments. Depth of cut can be adjusted a total of .004-.005 inch using the laser engraved adjustment knob. The Premium Tool comes with three laser marked feeler gages which are used to quickly set the cutter depth to the approximate range of the cut desired, and a mandrel adjustment screw is included to make mandrel set up and adjustment easier. with the cutter in range using the feeler gages, the eccentric adjustment knob will make final adjustment for the exact cut thickness you desire. Cutter adjustment is very fast and sure with none of the usual trial and error experienced with other tools. The ergonomic shape of the tool body makes it very comfortable to use and much less fatiguing over a long neck turning session.

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