Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Helps You Hand-Prep a Lot of Brass - FAST!

The Little Crow Gunworks Precision Prep Tool, or PPT, is a manual case prep tool that couples the control of a traditional hand tool with greater speed and efficiency associated with power tools. The PPT’s tool head is drilled and tapped to accept four standard 8-32 thread, screw-on case prep tools - no switching between different tools or swapping cutters. You keep the Precision Prep Tool in your hand and simply perform up to four prep steps, one after the other.

Unlike other prep tools that require you to twist your wrist or rotate the tool, the Precision Prep Tool’s offset head only needs a simple rotation of your forearm to chamfer, deburr, clean the primer pocket, and de-crimp military brass.

  • Easy on the wrist
  • Helps You
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Smooth-operating bearing-mounted tool head
  • Non-slip knurled grip

The Little Crow Gunworks Precision Prep Tool gives you plenty of control, so no more worries about accidentally taking off too much brass or otherwise over-prepping a case. Great for hand-prepping large quantities of brass - Look Ma, no electricity needed!

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