Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Lyman’s Deluxe Carbide expander/decapping rod assembly fits all Lyman and RCBS rifle sizing dies and upgrades them with an extra-hard carbide expander button. Gives you the benefit of carbide neck sizing while keeping your favorite dies. The slick surface of the carbide helps the button pull out of the case neck more easily, with less “grab” on the brass, so it helps prevent case stretching. You need to trim cases less frequently, and overall case life is greatly extended. The free-floating button automatically centers itself in the case neck. Adjustable positioning sleeve gives you a choice of two positions for the button, for best fits in t different-size cases. It also gives you more control over what portion of the stroke the button pulls through the case neck, so you can get maximum leverage from the press linkage. Replaceable decapping pin.

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