Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Sinclair Stainless Steel Tumbling Kit features Thumler’s Tumblers Model “B” 15 lb. tumbler and 5 lbs. of Stainless Steel tumbling media. This kit can handle up to 2 pounds of brass and is designed for wet tumbling use. DO NOT DRY TUMBLE!!!! Put the 5 pounds of Stainless Steel media into the tumbler, fill with 1 gallon of cold water, and add up to 2 pounds of brass and a couple teaspoons of dish washing detergent. The tumbler usually needs about 3-4 hours to completely clean the brass. Remove brass from solution, rinse with cold water and dry. Once finished, your brass will be cleaned inside and out, even in the primer pocket. For additional shine on your brass, tumble them for a short time in a standard vibratory tumbler with corncob media and polish.

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