Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Drop-In Upgrade Kit Takes Your M&P s Trigger from Factory to Fantastic!

The Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit from Apex Tactical is a drop-in replacement for your M&P's factory trigger that produces a lower pull weight with less pre-travel and over-travel for a trigger pull similar to a 1911. The trigger face replicates the feel of a flat 1911 trigger, while retaining full function and reliability of S&W's pivoting passive safety lever. This kit contains:

  • Aluminum flat-faced trigger
  • Forward set sear 
  • Ultimate Striker Block Kit (striker block, spring & installation tool) 
  • Forward set spring pack (3 lb. & 4 lb. trigger return springs, sear spring, RAM spring & plastic slave pin to aid installation)

Apex's Forward Set Sear shortens the pull length by releasing the striker at a point farther forward than the factory sear, while the kit's Ultimate Striker Block has an improved radius on the striker block face that helps smooth out the pull AND eliminates the false reset problem that affects some M&Ps.

Apex includes two trigger return springs that let you choose between a 3 lb. or 4 lb. pull weight. Both are lighter than the factory pull and will give you better control for more consistent shot placement (3 lb. is not recommended for duty/carry use). The straight, flat trigger face lets you position your finger lower on the trigger for extra leverage that gives you better control to take full advantage of the lower pull weight.

The Apex Tactical Flat Faced Forward Set Sear & trigger kit fits all S&W M&P centerfire pistols manufactured after June 2011 with the larger-size (1/8" dia.) sear plunger and spring. DOES NOT FIT the M2.0, Shield, BodyGuard, and .22 LR models (see note below for pre-2011 M&Ps). Installation may require minor gunsmithing: modification of the trigger bar loop.

Brownells Gun Tech(tm) Note: The Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit can be installed on an M&P manufactured before June 2011 IF it is retro-fitted with the newer sear housing block that accepts the 1/8" spring and plunger - # 940-000-958, sold separately. If you have a pre-June 2011 pistol, the plunger/spring will be 1/16" in diameter.

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SPECS: Kit includes Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger, Forward Set Sear, Ultimate Striker Block Kit(striker block, spring, and Talon Tactical Tool), Forward Set Spring Kit(white trigger return spring, green trigger return spring, polymer slave pin, sear spring, and RAM spring. Trigger only includes the Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger and polymer slave pin.

Does Not fit M&P 2.0 Pistols


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