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Drop-In Accurizing Kit Makes an Excellent Rimfire Pistol Even Better

Volquartsen's Ruger® Mark IV™ Accurizing Kit enables you to easily swap key factory parts with upgraded replacements to get better performance from your pistol.  Includes an upgraded trigger that allows precise pre-travel and over-travel adjustment, plus upgraded hammer/strut assembly, hammer bushing, sear, plunger, and spring. After the upgrades are installed, you will enjoy noticeably smoother, tighter, and more precise operation from your Mark IV™.

The Volquartsen Ruger® Mark IV™ Accurizing Kit will give your pistol a crisp, clean 2.5 lb. trigger pull, and it also eliminates the magazine disconnect.

  • Fits all variations of the Mark IV™, including 22/45™
  • Gives a crisp 2.5 lb. trigger pull
  • Hammer and sear are wire-EDM cut from A2 tool steel for excellent wear resistance & retention of tolerances
  • Trigger’s black anodized finish matches blued guns and also provides attractive visual contrast on stainless steel guns
  • Comes with necessary hex wrenches & threadlocker for installation

The Volquartsen Ruger® Mark IV™ Accurizing Kit is an easy, fast way to get even better performance and shooting enjoyment from an already excellent rimfire pistol.


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Finish: Black

Style: Drop-In