Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Harrison Design Flat Face trigger are manufactured to offer the shooter a 1911 trigger with features that will allow years of reliable, comfortable service

All Extreme Service Trigger are made with hardened stainless-steel bows that are micro-polished to reduce friction.

The solid aluminum shoe is oversized in height allowing fitting to the individual pistol.
The squared off face of the trigger shoe si smooth with a radius from side to side, so your trigger finger doesn't feel any sharp square corners where the face meets the sides. The face is free from serrations and holes for the over-travel screw that can chafe and abrade your trigger finger during long training sessions.

The fixed over-travel stop is permanently locked in place so it can't creep in and render your pistol inoperative in an emergency. The inital adjustment to the over-travel stop is made by filing the end of the screw and re-testing until the correct amount of over-travel is achieved.
Note: Gunsmith fitting required.


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