Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

These Trigger Pull Kits include the Ed Brown parts needed for superior trigger function. The machined-from-barstock hammer features a long list of custom modifications for a match-quality trigger pull without a lot of work. Sear hooks are cut to height, then precision surface ground so just a light stoning is all that's necessary to achieve a crisp, clean-breaking trigger pull. Half-cock notch is narrowed to help prevent sear damage and pin holes are CNC-machined for location; lowered strut pin hole reduces full-cock spring pressure. Narrowed spur minimizes slide drag; larger-than-factory, Commander-style opening reduces weight for a fast fall and even faster locktimes. Fully-chamfered edges eliminate sharp points that can abrade clothing and skin. The disconnector is designed to work with Ed Brown’s Perfection Sear and Hardcore Hammer for crisp, high performance trigger jobs. Heat treated for super durability in rugged service. All machined surfaces are finished and dimensionally precise to ensure perfect fit and smooth functioning. Gunsmith installation required. The Perfection Sear is pre-fit to provide the least amount of hand work prior to installation. Primary angle is already cut; simply stone the correct relief angle and install.

1911, Issue:11, Page:017
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:109

SPECS: Hammer: 4140 alloy steel, blue, or 420 stainless steel, SS. Rc 52-54, .020"-.022" hook height.  Disconnector: Steel, blued. Fits all 1911 pistols including hi-capacity models.  Sear: 4340 tool steel, blued. Hardened to Rc 50.  

Gunsmith installation recommended.