Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Available In Two Configurations To Fit Your Specific Shooting Needs

Commander-style hammer, Tactical sear, and Ultra Match disconnector drop-in to deliver reliable ignition and improved trigger function on any 1911 auto. Each component is precision EDM cut to ±.0005" tolerances from Cylinder & Slide’s Special Tool Steel. All parts are honed and polished, then heat-treated to Rc 50-53 for long service life. Tactical II Set features the popular Tactical II chamfered hammer in-the-white with standard .018" long hammer hooks for a match-grade trigger pull. Available in Tool Steel or high-grade Stainless Steel alloy. MARSOC Set includes a blued Tactical II-style hammer with longer .023" hammer hooks for added sear engagement and maximum reliability. Used in the U.S. Marine Corps MARSOC service pistols. Added material on the hooks allows fitting by the pistolsmith to achieve a truly custom trigger pull.

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SPECS: Special billet tool steel alloy (TS), hardened to Rc 50-53, or stainless steel (SS), hardened to Rc 50-55, both in-the-white. Sets include hammer, sear, and disconnector. Tactical II – All parts in-the-white. .018” long hammer hooks. MARSOC – Hammer blued, disconnector and sear in-the-white. .023” long hammer hooks.


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