Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An Easy Enhancement for Your CZ-75 B

Want to trim down the difference between that first double-action pull and the single-action second shot in your CZ-75 B? The Apex Tactical CZ-75 B Action Enhancement Kit is purpose-built to enhance the trigger pull in your go-to CZ pistol, reducing the difference between the two pull weights by as much as 2 pounds.

When used with the Carry Mainspring, the double-action pull measures 7 pounds, while the single-action pull measures 5 pounds. If the Competition Mainspring is installed, the double-action pull drops to 6 pounds, while the single-action pull measures 4.5 pounds.

Each Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Kit includes direct replacement parts for the factory hammer and sear. These precision-machined components are designed to provide a clean trigger break in single-action combined with a smooth, stack-free double-action pull that's consistent all the way through the firing process. Sear and hammer engagement surfaces are matched, so no stoning is required for a precision fit. This kit is not for use in decocker or Omega models.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:236
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