Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Minimal Over-Cock Travel Speeds-Up Ignition; Pre-Cut, Pre-Polished Hooks; Speeds Installation

All-steel, "Commander-style" Premium Match and Standard concealed-carry hammers that are ready for installation with little or no fitting required. Computer-aided design removes all excess weight for fast, consistent, positive ignition without cracking or breakage. Engagement areas are surface ground to ensure proper relationship between the hooks and the pins plus, the half-cock notch will not damage your carefully prepared sear angles. Sides narrowed for slide clearance. Premium Match - model has additional lightening cuts for lower mass giving the faster lock times needed for competitive shooting.

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SPECS: Tool steel, in-the-white, machined. Premium Match - .3 oz. (9g) wt. Standard - .5 oz. (14g) wt.

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