Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Machine & Hardened To Hold Dimensions & Resist Wear

Match-grade hammer is machined from solid tool steel bar stock, then hardened to hold precise dimensions and stand up to many thousands of rounds without wear. Hammer was designed exclusively for Nighthawk by noted 1911 ’smith Bob Marvel, with precision-cut hooks and pin hole to ensure a correct fit. A large, oval cutout in the spur keep weight to a minimum, and crisp serrations prevent slippage when cocking or uncocking. Engagement surface is ready for final grinding and polishing to ensure a clean, reliable letoff. Gunsmith fitting required for proper function and safety.

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SPECS: Hammer- Hardened tool steel, heat treated to Rc 50-53, black matte oxide finish. Also available in stainless steel, natural finish.

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