Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

For Easy Carry & Snag-Free Presentation

Low-profile “Bullet Proof” components are specifically designed to create a smooth, streamlined package for comfortable concealed carry and fast, no-snag presentation. Extra wide, stainless steel beavertail Grip Safety fits comfortably in the web of the hand for excellent protection from hammer bite, improved control, and less felt recoil. Posi-Release tab helps ensure positive safety disengagement and provides a repeatable anchor point for consistent shooting each time you present the pistol. Requires installation of a Wilson Bullet Proof hammer. Skeletonized, Commander-style hammer offers a snag-resistant holster profile, plus light weight for fast lock time to help improve accuracy. Hammer hooks are cut to .020", and a narrow half-cock notch helps prevent sear nose damage. The stainless steel Concealment hammer has an even lower spur profile that makes it ideal for all-day concealed carry. Installation of these components requires frame alteration; gunsmith installation recommended.

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SPECS: Grip Safety & Concealment Hammer - Stainless steel (SS), polished, natural finish. All components fit full-size Government model and Commander. Grip safety requires installation of one of these hammers. Hammer can also be installed separately on any frame with a Wilson/Clark compound radius.


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Finish: Stainless Steel

Style: Bullet Proof, Low-Profile

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