Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Extra Tough & Long Wearing, With No Exposed Sharp Edges

Machined-from-barstock hammer features a long list of custom modifications for a match-quality trigger pull without a lot of work. Sear hooks are cut to height, then precision surface ground so just a light stoning is all that's necessary to achieve a crisp, clean-breaking trigger pull. Half-cock notch is narrowed to help prevent sear damage and pin holes are CNC-machined for location; lowered strut pin hole reduces full-cock spring pressure. Narrowed spur minimizes slide drag; larger-than-factory, Commander-style opening reduces weight for a fast fall and even faster locktimes. Fully-chamfered edges eliminate sharp points that can abrade clothing and skin.

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SPECS: 4140 alloy steel, blue, or 420 stainless steel, SS. Rc 52-54, .020"-.022" hook height, Gunsmith installation recommended.


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