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Hardened Tool Steel Components For Durability, Reliability & Precise Fit

Critical ignition parts are machined from high-grade tool steel for precise fit and reliable, consistent function under the most demanding operating conditions. Each component is wire-EDM cut, CNC machined and honed to final dimensions with +/-.005" tolerances for drop-in fit on many 1911s, then heat-treated to Rc 53-56 to maintain those dimensions through thousands of firing cycles. Hammer hooks are pre-prepped and sear nose polished for precise contact and crisp, clean letoff. Commander-style hammer has elongated spur with deep serrations to provide extra-secure thumb purchase. Beveled edges resist snagging on clothing and protect the thumb from abrasion, and slightly narrower hammer body prevents unwanted slide contact. HD-120 set includes hammer, sear, and disconnector. Each component also available separately. HD-120B set features a black IonBond DLC coating on the hammer, for those who prefer the traditional “blued” look combined with wear- and corrosion-resistance similar to hard-chrome. 

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SPECS: Hardened tool steel, in-the-white. Hardened to Rc 53-56.  HD-120B set’s sear has a black IonBond DLC finish. Some fitting may be required.


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