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A Red-Dot-Ready Slide for Your SIG XCarry

Make your concealed-carry gun red-dot ready through the easy addition of this ZEV Technologies Z320 XCarry Octane Slide. This slide comes ready to rock with an RDS cut, as well as a host of other enhancements designed to take your CCW setup to the next level.

Each ZEV Technologies Octane Slide comes outfitted with a milled slot at the rear that's specifically designed to accommodate the Trijicon RMR red-dot sight. The milled slot sits just forward of the rear sight, so you can install and remove your optic without disturbing your open rear sight, and it also allows for the installation of suppressor-height sights for co-witnessing. A cover plate is included for use without an optic.

The ZEV Technologies Octane Slide designed for SIG Sauer handguns also comes with the company's unique slide-channeling serrations. This offers an enhanced gripping surface and reduces glare, so you won't be distracted by sun rays reflecting off your slide surface. The slide is also treated with a black DLC coating that's tough enough to withstand heavy use while preventing wear and corrosion.


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Cartridge: 9 mm Luger

Finish: Black DLC

Sights: RMR

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Cartridge: 9 mm Luger

Finish: Gray

Sights: RMR