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Our Iron Sight Slide for Glock 17® Gen3 enables you to build a custom Glock®-style pistol - or rebuild an old one - with a slide that sports distinctive customized cocking serrations. The unique front serrations aid in manipulating the slide under stress, especially for quick chamber checks AND for clearing the occasional jam. Both the front and rear serrations are cut to the same depth as the Glock® factory slide serrations to ensure no loss in overall slide rigidity. The top edges and the front around the muzzle area are chamfered to reduce the risk of snagging on clothing and to make holstering the pistol easier.

Like all Brownells slides, the Iron Sight model for Gen3 Glock® 17 is precision machined from solid 17-4 stainless steel billet to factory specifications inside so it is compatible with any factory or aftermarket Gen3 internal components. Outside, there's a Glock® factory rear sight dovetail and front sight tenon cut ready for any factory or aftermarket sights you choose. This is the perfect companion "top-half" for a custom pistol built on a Polymer80 80% frame.

  • Accepts Gen3 Glock® 17 internal parts
  • Sturdy machined 17-4 stainless steel
  • Tough matte Black Nitride finish
  • Factory cuts for iron sights
  • Channel liner not included; please order separately (see note below)
  • Window model available

You can get your Brownells Iron Sight Slide for Gen3 Glock® 17 with a solid top and distinctive wraparound front cocking serrations - swipe your paw along the front of the slide and you can't avoid racking it. The Iron Sight slide is also available with a window cutout on top between the front side serrations. The window aids in heat dissipation to keep the barrel cool during extended fire, AND if you have an upgraded barrel with a contrasting finish or a unique exterior pattern (fluting, spirals, "flames," etc.) it'll help your gun stand out from the matte black sameness on the firing line!

Brownells Gun Tech™ Note: Channel liner required for these slides. Channel liner is a press fit and requires a tool to install. We recommend #777-100-017.


Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:214


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Cartridge: 9 mm Luger

Finish: Black

Style: Front & Rear Serrations

Sights: Dovetail

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Cartridge: 9 mm Luger

Finish: Black

Style: Window

Sights: Dovetail