Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Low-Profile Combat Sights With Easy-To-See Tritium Dots For Fast Targeting In Low Light

Fixed, low-profile combat sights are drop-in replacements for factory sights and feature streamlined contours with rounded corners to help prevent snags and hanging-ups. Precision-machined steel sight bodies sit low in the slide to resist catching on clothing during the draw, yet stand up to the abuse of hard operational and competition use. Night sights have two self-illuminating, Tritium inserts in the rear sight and one in the front blade to provide an easy-to-see, 3-dot sight picture in low-light conditions. Helps you acquire the sights and get on target quickly under stress. Works like a simple, 3-white-dot system for enhanced visibility in daylight. Nothing to turn on: as the ambient light gets lower, the Tritium dots start glowing.  Available with either a Orange outline front sight or luminescent green outline front sight. The LumiGreen paint on the luminescent green outline will glow for approximately 10 minutes after light exposure.


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Sight Color: Orange

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Sight Color: Green

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