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Innovative, Pyramid Design Speeds Front Sight Acquisition, Improves Accuracy

WrenTech's ATS sight system enables extremely quick target acquisition and the potential for very precise accuracy at any range. They also promote both-eyes-open shooting and help you quickly regain the sight picture after moving. Bright, interchangeable plastic inserts make ATS sights easy to acquire, even under stress. Because the human brain can easily complete simple geometric forms, the ATS operates on a simple principle: stack the front sight on top of the rear sight to complete a triangle, and put the point of the triangle on the target. Eliminates the guesswork in getting front post centered in a rear notch. Rear sight alignment is mostly peripheral and unconscious, so you improve your concentration on the target, not the sights. Bright, interchangeable inserts make customizing the color combination fast and easy. Sides of rear sight angle inward to resist snagging and allow your Glock to fit any standard holster. Rear sight is windage adjustable; front sight includes installation tool and metal shims for elevation adjustment.

Also includes green and yellow Firefly front sight inserts that glow for many hours with a short exposure to a strong light source. For example, 1 minute of strong sunlight exposure for an 8+ hour glow, or position the firefly 1-2" from a 75 watt lamp for 90 seconds for a 6 hour glow.  A 2-second exposure to a bright tactical light will restore the glow for another 90 minutes or so.

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Sight Color: Green, Yellow