Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Improve your target acquisition with this affordable drop in upgrade!

When shooting round steel targets it is advantageous to have a round rear sight. The circular plate fills the arc of the sight to make for easy target acquisition.

Made of CNC machined aluminum for long lasting durability. The “EagleEye”-Peep Sight for Williams Fire Sights is anodized matte black, to absorb light and reduce glare. This easy to use upgrade allows the shooter to intuitively center the front sight in the aperture, resulting in clear and faster front sight focus.

The “EagleEye” Peep Sight drops into a wide variety of Williams Gun Sight Co. fiber optic sights for added flexibility. The new ghost ring style peep sight will fit KelTec CP33™, Smith and Wesson Victory 22 sights and more!

Give yourself an optical advantage with the new TANDEMKROSS “EagleEye” Peep sight for Williams Fire Sights! An ideal upgrade to your sight picture for accelerated target acquisition.

Supported Gun Models:

  • KelTec CP33
  • Smith & Wesson Victory SW22
  • Select Ruger® MK Series
  • Ruger® Single-Ten®

Supported Williams Fire Sight Models:

  • 633505 -Ruger® MKIII™ 22/45™ LITE, Ruger® MKIV™ 22/45™ LITE
  • 602588 -Ruger® MKII™, MKIII™, MKIV™ Bull Barrel
  • 616319 Ruger® MKII™ and Ruger® MKIV™ Tapered Barrel
  • 71013
  • 71053
  • 71054
  • 70957
  • 70959


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Sight Color: Black

Style: Peep