Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Rugged, fixed rear sight features a precision machined Novak dovetail for easy replacement of a fragile adjustable sight to make your gun more suitable for duty or carry. Extra-wide, .135" notch provides more light around the front blade to open up the sight picture for fast target acquisition. 50 lpi serrations on the rear face help eliminate glare. Allen head setscrew locks sight into slide dovetail for a rock-solid installation that won’t shoot loose. Regulates with most factory installed front sights. Machined from solid steel bar stock with radiused edges that help prevent holster snag. Minor fitting may be required. Does not fit Kimber, Para-Ordnance, or Smith & Wesson SW1911.

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SPECS - 1" (2.5cm) long, .690" (1.7cm) wide, .325" (8.3mm) high rear blade. Notch - .135" (3.3mm) wide x .125" (3.17mm) deep. Fits Novak .495" x 65° dovetail cut. Does not fit Kimber, Para-Ordnance, or Smith & Wesson SW1911.

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Sight Color: Black

Style: Novak Cuts

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