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Gunsmith Tools To Work On Glock Sights - Plus A Set Of Night Sights

Handy kit has everything you need to professionally install, remove, or adjust sights on Glock® pistols – including a set of Trijicon night sights for your first job. The hefty, gunsmith-grade MGW Rear Sight Mover tool works on any Glock® pistol with angle-sided rear sights. The B&J Machine combination tool is one of the best we’ve found for working on Glock® front sights. The kit’s Trijicon Bright & Tough™ front/rear night sights fit any 9mm/.40 S&W Glock® and give your pistol a classic 3-dot sight picture that’s visible in all lighting conditions.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:480

SPECS: MGW Rear Sight Mover – aluminum and steel construction. B&J Tool – Delrin® handle, steel punch and wrench. Sights – Steel, blued with tritium inserts. Fits Glock® 17/17L/19/22/23/24/26/27/33/34/35 pistols with fixed sights.



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Sight Color: Green

Style: 3-Dot, Night Sight