Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Simple, Robust Design For Smooth Function & Reliability

Simple, strong, one-piece guide rods provide smooth function and outstanding reliability on competition and carry guns. Machined from solid bar stock without through hole for extra strength and resistance to battering. Additional weight up front improves recoil control, and flat face helps recoil buffers fit securely. Short, G.I. Style has rounded front end that resists snagging the recoil spring. Available in Government and Commander sizes in stainless and blued carbon steel. Full Length stainless steel rod guards against recoil spring bind for improved feeding and extraction. True, one-piece design with takedown hole has no threads to loosen or wear. Fits Government models with 5" barrels.

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SPECS: G.I. Style - Carbon steel, blued (BL), or stainless, natural finish (SS). Government: 1¾” (4.6cm) long. Commander: 1¼” (3.2cm) long. Full Length - Stainless steel, natural finish. 4” (10.2cm) long.


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