Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Eliminate Spring Kink & Bind; One-& Two-Piece Styles

With a full-length guide rod in place giving no chance for recoil spring bind, a 1911 will chamber, cycle and extract more reliably. One-piece style available for Government/Gold Cup and Commander; Two-piece for Government/Gold Cup in both standard full-length and long slide for pistols equipped with partial or full-style compensators. Reverse Plug model fits Govt. length slides altered to accept tapered sleeve bushing. These are for standard recoil springs only, not Flat Wire Springs.

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1911, Issue:02, Page:018
1911, Issue:03, Page:015
1911, Issue:03, Page:016
1911, Issue:04, Page:015
1911, Issue:04, Page:016
1911, Issue:05, Page:016
1911, Issue:06, Page:012
1911, Issue:06, Page:016
1911, Issue:07, Page:015
1911, Issue:08, Page:015
1911, Issue:09, Page:004
1911, Issue:09, Page:016
1911, Issue:10, Page:017
1911, Issue:11, Page:016
Big Book Catalog, Issue:49, Page:027
Big Book Catalog, Issue:50, Page:027
Big Book Catalog, Issue:51, Page:028
Big Book Catalog, Issue:52, Page:026
Big Book Catalog, Issue:53, Page:088
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:086
Big Book Catalog, Issue:55, Page:088
Big Book Catalog, Issue:56, Page:092
Big Book Catalog, Issue:57, Page:106
Big Book Catalog, Issue:58, Page:106
Big Book Catalog, Issue:59, Page:107
Big Book Catalog, Issue:60, Page:018
Big Book Catalog, Issue:61, Page:015

SPECS: Stainless steel. .325" (8.25mm) diameter shaft. All include correct plug.

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