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Improves Accuracy, Functioning; Elimnates Frame Cracking From Recoil

Easy-to-install kit instantly improves cycling, reliability and accuracy without modifying the frame or the slide. Exclusive, injection-molded, polyfiber buffers slip onto the guide rod be- tween the head and spring and keep the slide from hitting the frame. Prevents expensive frame damage and softens the felt recoil of high power competition loads. Full-length guide rod keeps the recoil spring straight for smoother functioning and longer spring life. Together they provide consistent barrel lockup and increased accuracy.

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SPECS: Kit includes 416 stainless steel one-piece, full-length guide rod and plug, 6 Shok-Buff washers, 1 light recoil spring, 1 heavy recoil spring, 1 extra power firing pin return spring. Fits 1911 Auto models and calibers listed only.


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