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Target Pistol "Top Half" Is Optic Ready - Or Use the Included Iron Target Sights

Volquartsen's LLV Competition Upper With Sights turns the already superb Ruger® Mark IV™ into an outstanding .22 target handgun. The receiver and barrel shroud are precision machined from a single piece of aluminum alloy to ensure perfect receiver-barrel alignment. The Volquartsen Ruger® Mark IV™ LLV Competition Upper With Sights is fitted with a match-grade, stainless steel barrel that has a honed and lapped bore for superb accuracy potential and easy cleaning.

  • Comes with "iron" target sights installed or mount an optic on the Picatinny optic rail
  • Contour & weight distribution optimized for comfortable balance in the hand
  • Wear-resistant Type III hardcoat anodized finish on receiver
  • Threaded muzzle - screw-on thread protector included
  • 4.5" barrel length
  • Stainless steel breech face withstands many thousands of firing cycles
  • FFL required for purchase

Volquartsen's LLV Competition Upper with sights is ready to install on a standard Ruger® Mark IV™ grip frame ("lower" receiver). It comes with a Picatinny rail machined into the top of the barrel for installation of an optical sight. You may also purchase it with adjustable target sights that can be used with, or in place of, an optic.

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