Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Authentic-Looking Simulated Ivory & Stag

Affordable, elegant-looking reproductions of exotic grips are molded from polyurethane resin and finished by hand for a precise fit. Hard, durable resin looks and feels like classic stag antler, or ivory, and won’t chip, shrink, or crack over time. Proprietary molding process uses the highest-quality molds cast from mint-condition original grips to ensure there are no unsightly air bubbles in the finished product.

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SPECS: Molded polyurethane resin, simulated Ivory or Stag. Beveled bottom has cutout for mainspring housing pin. Checkered Govt. Model Ivory right grip is cut for ambidextrous safety. All models may require minor fitting.

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Ambidextrous Safety Cut: No

Color: Ivory

Material: Ivory Substitute

Style: Traditional

Surface: Smooth

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Ambidextrous Safety Cut: Yes

Color: Brown, Ivory

Material: Polymer

Style: Traditional

Surface: Smooth