Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Extremely Tough, Textured Grip Surface

Strong, lightweight, and extremely tough, heavily textured grips provide excellent handling and stability in all conditions. Cut for ambidextrous safeties. Install easily with standard grip screws and bushings. Models available for Government/Commander grip frame, as well as Officers Model. Beveled has a neatly beveled bottom edge that allows fast hand clearance during draw and minimizes “printing” through clothing on concealed carry pistols. Square Bottom gives a flush, tight fit against magazine guides and chutes that attach to the 1911.

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SPECS: Injection molded nylon-based rigid polymer. Govt/Comm available with beveled bottom edge (BB) in Black. Designed to accommodate ambidextrous safety options.

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Ambidextrous Safety Cut: Yes

Color: Black

Material: Polymer

Style: Beveled

Surface: Textured