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Helps Prevent Your Grips from Losing Their Grip!

Challis 1911 Grip Screw O-Rings help prevent the grip screws from loosening and letting the grip panels shift under recoil. They can be used with any 1911 grip screws and any bushings, but are designed for - and most effective - when used with Challis hex drive grip bushings.

Here’s how Challis 1911 Grip Screw O-Rings work: the holes in 1911 grips are slightly larger than the bushings to allow for manufacturing tolerances. Theoretically, tightening the grip screws down should make everything secure, but sometimes not enough. Instead, the grip panels move slightly under recoil, which can compromise your hold on  the gun and can lead to wear and damage on the grips.

  • Long-wearing synthetic rubber construction
  • O-rings will wear out over time - replace periodically for best effectiveness
  • Available in 8- and 24-packs

Challis 1911 Grip Screw O-Rings come to the rescue by keeping the grip screws tight. They deliver maximum protection when used in conjunction with Challis grip bushing O-rings (sold separately).

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:133
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