Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Premium Compensator with a Clean Look

Dealing with the muzzle rise and recoil of your Glock G19 can cost you valuable time in competition or even self-defense, since you're wasting precious seconds trying to get back on target rather than getting back on the trigger and hammering it again. This Primary Machine Stealth Comp is built to battle that recoil and help you get more shots on target in less time.

Each Primary Machine Stealth Comp is designed to fit all threaded Glock G19 barrels complete with a 1/2-28 TPI thread pitch. The compensator is designed for use on 9mm guns only, and the streamlined profile of the compensator makes it possible for users to fit their comped gun into any Glock G34 holster. The design adds about 1.2-1.3 inches to the overall length of the gun.

To preserve the clean look of the compensator, this Primary Machine Stealth Comp hides its setscrews on the underside of the compensator, and this model features an OEM-style radius that matches the slide of a Glock G19 rather than having the 45-degree chamfer like the company's original comp.

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