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Lets You Do Fast, Professional, No-Mar Pad Installation

One of the most difficult aspects of fitting a recoil pad has always been the final fitting of pad to wood because it is so easy to hit the stock with the disc, sanding strip, or file - and ruin the finish. The B&R Recoil Pad Fitting Jig removes the risk of stock damage by letting you finish the pad completely off - and away from - the stock.

The Jig is composed of two basic pieces: (1) an adjustable triangle on which the pad is mounted to be dressed to size, and (2) a universal support that attaches to the sanding disc table.

Operation is simple. First, cut the stock to the length and pitch required to fit the customer. Attach the pad to the stock, and sharply scribe the outline of the stock on the pad. Then transfer the pad to the base plate of the Jig, set the angle of pitch, put the Jig on its support, and dress the pad to the point of just removing the scribed line (this is necessary as the line was drawn outside the stock). Finally, test fit the pad to the stock and do any final dressing by hand, if needed. The lines of the stock are carried correctly into the pad - and you have a perfect fit!

The Jig eliminates all damage to the stock finish and reduces the entire pad mounting operation to a simple 15 minute exercise - making the job an easy and highly profitable one.

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SPECS: Steel support is 20-1⁄4" (51.4cm) long. Steel triangle legs are approximately 11-1⁄4" (29.2cm) long. Aluminum base plate is 3-1⁄2" (9cm) long. Includes instructions.