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Reloaders, rejoice! No longer will you have to struggle to measure the thickness of your case neck, thanks to the features found in the iGaging EZ Data Tube Micrometer.

While the micrometer includes many essential and extra features for traditional measurement use, one particular addition to this unit is the inclusion of an egg-shaped anvil that is designed particularly to aid in the measurement of brass-neck thickness.

Each iGaging EZ Data Tube Micrometer is accurate up to 0.0015 of an inch and can measure objects up to an inch wide. Readouts can be had in inches and millimeters, and an LCD display provides instant results. For permanent data collection, a data-output port allows users to transfer measurements to their computer with ease.


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Accuracy: 0.00015", 0.003mm

Measuring Range: 0-1"

Resolution: 0.0005", 0.001mm