Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Easily Adaptable & Versatile, Quality Construction That Lasts and Lasts

Don’t adjust jobs to your vise; adjust your Multi-Vise™ to the job. Multi-Vise adjusts in every direction a job can take you…position it horizontally, vertically, and rotate it 360° in a horizontal plane. Multi-Vise adapts to nearly any job; drilling, filing, stock work, soldering, sanding, and the holding of darn near anything.  

The highest quality U.S. materials and craftsmanship go into producing the Multi-Vise. The body is constructed of tough, 50,000 psi tensile strength, ductile, iron, which makes it last and last. You won’t have to tighten or loosen extra clamps when you turn Multi-Vise on its side or rotate it back and forth, because the convenient cam locking system automatically locks Multi-Vise in position when you tighten the jaws. Precision-machined, smooth, jaw faces combine firm pressure with a gentle finesse to securely hold metal, wood, or plastic. The 4140, chrome-moly-steel, nickel-plated, rust-resistant lead screw turns effortlessly.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:447

SPECS: Cast iron body, precision-machined, green paint. Jaws are 3½" (9.0cm) x 2½" (6.3cm), opens to 5" (12.7cm). 1¾" (4.4cm) square anvil. 18 lb. (8kg) wt.

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